November 15th, 2012


Jeremy Renner - 270 icons (The Unusuals, etc)

1. The Unusuals: 185 icons / appearances: 75 icons / behind the scenes on The Avengers: 10 icons.
2. For certain scenes and throughout different expressions, he reminds me of some of the following gentlemen: Sean Penn, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Rob Schneider, Dustin Hoffman, Danny Kaye, Jensen Ackles, Jason Bateman...
3. I'm sorry that "The Unusuals" caps suck. XD I'm willing to have the shots with LQ than not have them at all. He needed some smiles and romance available for RPers.
4. Sort of really obsessed with his hands. >_> Also, who's surprised to see Rosario, really? Not me.

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