November 28th, 2012


Fo Porter - 250 icons

1. Fo (short for Felicia) is from Cycle 12 of America's Next Top Model.I've had about 25% of these finished for months and, finally, a friend wanted to use her for a character and it lit the fire under my butt. XD
2. The animation at the bottom is via Tumblr and was not created by me, but is being hosted by me. Please don't hotlink! :D The second (still) image is for Reebok/Cirque du Soleil, and it was heavily edited by me. Enjoy!
3. Fo' the record (ha!), she is half Mexican, half black, all freckles.

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TB: Joe?

Rhys Ifans as The Lizard - 120 icons (The Amazing Spider-Man)

1. I think Dr. Connors was just ticked off that he didn't get invited to be a Science Bro.
2. He could've just used his sewer access to pass through the portal into the Mushroom Kingdom and, not only would he have fit right in, but he could've taken a vacation from mad science. Boom.
3. He's much more attractive as the Lizard. S'all I'm sayin'. Sorry, Notting Hill fans. :P

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Rosario Dawson & Chris Pine - 40 icons

1. Doing appearances involved with DEATH TRAIN Unstoppable.
2. I figured there were plenty of these shots - someone could get some use out of them.
3. He seems really wooden in a lot of these pictures.

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Disney Holiday Decor - 60 icons

1. The Disney Store website calls the shot glasses "mini glasses". Own it, Disney, own it. They is for hooch.
2. I'm not Jewish or Christian, but I love both of these celebrations, and Disney is so colorful it (almost) hurts. :D
3. Goofy + Christmas lights = ^_^

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